Free, Browser-Based, Online Community Building Games to Play with your Advisory

Community building is at the core of making a democratic, engaged classroom. By asking students to play games with one another, they learn collaboration, sportsmanship, strategy, and fine motor skills that might not otherwise be taught in school.

What follows is a working list of games Iโ€™ve compiled to play with my advisory while weโ€™re remote and have computers at our expense. Iโ€™ll put ๐ŸŒŸs next to my favorites.

This list is not entirely vetted and should be used accordingly. Beware of games that give access to online lobbies outside of your advisory, as well as games that have private chat features. Be smart!

  • Wikipedia speed runs – fun and educational. You have students pick a starting page and an ending page and you have to get there only by clicking links in wikipedia
  • ๐ŸŒŸ – online pictionary-esque game
  • – online multiplayer competitive game
  • – online multiplayer competitive game
  • ๐ŸŒŸ QWOP – online single-player game that you can use for competitive tournaments or high scores
  • CoolMathGames – many online single-player game that you can use for competitive tournaments or high scores
  • Minecraft Classic – do a quick google search and find Minecraft used educationally all over the world. Minecraft Classic is an online version that supports up to 10 players. Minecraft is big and potentially overwhelming, though; caveat emptor.
  • Kahoot – you probably have at least heard of Kahoot in an educational context, but you can make fun trivia about personal facts for a class or advisory, or compete in movie/sports/community trivia as well!

Made in collaboration with the Squade: Jacob Price, Tristan Hasseler, Isiah Cash, Anthony Lingat, and Roger Devora

Updated December 3, 2020. [Fixes broken links]