[WDYL] A Reflection on Structures

This week I learned that I am fortunate to be in early stages of learning the structures needed to be a teacher.

The year is winding down for me. And while the end of the year is closer, I’m really looking toward the beginning of the year in reflection. Here’s what I realized:

This was my year of exploring the rules. Much like my students, I beat around the bounds of behavior to find out what different buttons did – or didn’t do. An exploratory discovery of these rules sets the groundwork for my next year of teaching by giving me a better framework of what works in the cultures I move between and what doesn’t.

The structures, systems, and norms in my classes need work. This, in many ways, goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned realization, but it’s also a distinct, crystallized problem.

It’s better to do what’s right than what’s expected.

There is always room for intersectional expertise.

Students are motivated by authentic audiences, something I’ve come to focus more and more on over the last couple months. In fact, authenticity in general is something students deserve more of.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but next week I’ll pick it up with more information related to my last WDYL – that is, trauma-informed pedagogy.